Check your privileges

You wish to make reparations for your unearned privilege. Specify your privilege(s) below to donate to nonprofits focusing on that area. Your will receive a tweet from @privilegecheckr certifying your checked privilege.

Wow! You have so much privilege it can't even fit on a single certificate! You'll have to get two.


The phrase “check your privilege” has become commonplace. But it’s often unclear what exactly what action someone to is supposed to do when checking one’s privilege. Inspired by Carbon prices for dealing with global warming, we came up with the idea of voluntary privilege-based donations.
Yes it is. You put your cited privileges and you’ll donate to charities working exactly on those issues. You then get a certificate from @privilegecheckr. We take a 5% cut just to maintain the site, PayPal fees, etc.

We tried to find charities that were specific to the cited privilege. When faced with multiple good options, we biased our choice toward:

Nope. The paperwork for being an official nonprofit, especially for the myriad of jurisdictions, is not worth the effort.